Chart and Info: The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club to Nha Trang Rally 2019 (679nm)

Start time: Oct 16 2019 03:15:00 UTC

Start by Junk Bay at position: 22N16.7400 114E15.3000


BRG is the bearing from ship to mark at scoring position.

 1: Waglan Island                - Leave 22N11.3400 114E18.4200 to Starboard - BRG 253
 2: Tan Kan Shan                 - Leave 22N03.8400 114E19.0800 to Starboard - BRG 280
 3: North Reef - Paracel Islands - Leave 16N33.8880 111E31.7880 to Port      - BRG 114
 4: Triton Island                - Leave 15N47.2140 111E11.7480 to Port      - BRG 111
 5: Nha Trang Approach           - Leave 12N39.0360 110E02.8860 to Starboard - BRG 311

Finish line:

Line by Nha Trang between marks A and B at positions:

 A: 12N13.3448 109E13.3036
 B: 12N13.7895 109E13.0664