Chart and Info: Adriano's Brazil Run 2021 (285nm)

Start time: Jan 13 2021 16:00:00 UTC

Start by Porto do Rio at position: 22S55.0686 043W09.9486


BRG is the bearing from ship to mark at scoring position.

 1: Pao de Acucar        - Leave 22S56.9964 043W09.0858 to Starboard - BRG 294
 2: Ponta da Praia Funda - Leave 23S04.5216 043W33.4872 to Starboard - BRG 350
 3: Ilha dos Macacos     - Leave 23S04.6824 044W14.0706 to Port      - BRG 161
 4: Ilhabela             - Leave 23S54.6822 045W27.4704 to Port      - BRG 060
 5: Ilha Redonda         - Leave 23S04.3866 043W11.5890 to Port      - BRG 310

Finish line:

Line by Praia de Copacabana between marks A and B at positions:

 A: 22S58.3366 043W10.7346
 B: 22S58.5470 043W09.6750