Chart and Info: Kingston Reggaeta (32nm)

Start time: Jan 09 2021 19:00:00 UTC

Start by West Indies YC at position: 17N53.5476 077W06.0180


BRG is the bearing from ship to mark at scoring position.

 1: Portland Cay  - Leave 17N42.5892 077W06.5880 to Port      - BRG 012
 2: Pigeon Island - Leave 17N47.8278 077W04.5000 to Starboard - BRG 132
 3: Lime Cay      - Leave 17N55.1418 076W49.1634 to Port      - BRG 278

Finish line:

Line by Port Royal between marks A and B at positions:

 A: 17N55.8544 076W50.3072
 B: 17N56.2136 076W49.9408