Chart and Info: SOL's Bermuda Triangle TIMED Race 2021 (87nm, Timed Race)

First start: Sep 13 2021 12:00:00 UTC

Start by Somerset Village at position: 32N19.3980 064W52.0500


BRG is the bearing from ship to mark at scoring position.

 1: Argus Tower     - Leave 31N58.0000 065W10.0000 to Port - BRG 043
 2: St David's Isle - Leave 32N22.8000 064W33.0000 to Port - BRG 265
 3: North Rock BER  - Leave 32N28.9980 064W46.0020 to Port - BRG 163

Finish line:

Line by Somerset Village between marks A and B at positions:

 A: 32N19.2804 064W51.7895
 B: 32N19.5156 064W52.3105