Chart and Info: Sinbad Surveys Arabia 2023 (2815nm)

Start time: Jan 09 2023 09:00:00 UTC

Start by Aqaba at position: 29N15.8904 034E50.4210


BRG is the bearing from ship to mark at scoring position.

 1: Ras Bab el Mandeb - Leave 12N40.6140 043E27.9324 to Port - BRG 016
 2: Ras al Junayz     - Leave 22N26.1708 059E48.1374 to Port - BRG 280
 3: Ras al Bab        - Leave 26N21.4080 056E30.1026 to Port - BRG 205

Finish line:

Line by Bahrain between marks A and B at positions:

 A: 26N11.5473 050E38.1735
 B: 26N12.5499 050E38.1405